Even as reactors close, Belgium activists take heart that at least two will be saved
From Holtec, an undertaker of the nuclear sector, a new-build phoenix will rise

December 2022

It’s been an incredible year for the power of the atom, let us look back at the ten best things that happened for the industry.
The other nuclear power has finally achieved ignition! Yes, this is a big deal.
There’s been more bad news than good of late for French nuclear. But don’t count the European champion out just yet.
We need to grow our economy to save the planet and abundant clean energy is the key

November 2022

Today Poland runs on coal and has the dirtiest grid in the EU, but driven by climate and geopolitical concerns, Poland has set out bold and ambitious…
If the "Waste Burner" reactor takes off, there might literally not be enough nuclear waste in the world.

July 2022

Let's celebrate Canada Day with 5 great reasons to love the CANDU reactor

June 2022

Once the most efficient builder of nuclear in the world, can Japan’s nuclear industry ever return to its previous glory?
As unlikely tale of how I fell in love with the power of the atom
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