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Poland is scared for its security. Therefore, they try to get the US invested in them, be it LNG, defence procurement or nuclear power.

I am frankly surprised that Westinghouse scored so well so far in Europe (Ukraine, Bulgaria, Poland), given that they mostly offer a design and nuclear services while KEPCO and EDF have more industrial base and operation experience. Granted, their design is neat.

KHNP has the successful Barakah project to show, but they haven't started any new NPP construction project since 2018 and domestic support for nuclear is unsteady. I think they will also be in for a surprise with Western regulations. UAE basically imported nuclear reactors, regulations and industry standards at the same time. Europe will probably demand compliance with its own, unharmonized and probably often excessive requirements.

I think EDF would be the best choice. While their performance with the 4 European EPRs hasn't been good so far, they should finally have the European supply chains and the personnel to build EPRs on time/budget and they have the domestic demand of 14 EPR2s to allow economics of scale. This being said, there won't be any excuses left for Sizewell C. They finally have to execute well.

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How can EDF still win?


The Czechs want their own nuclear manufacturing industry to supply as much of the equipment as possible. Skoda JS, which CEZ just acquired from OMZ (Russia), has been manufacturing the core barrel and upper internals, etc. for French EPRs. It’s delivering for Hinkley Point C as we speak and has deals with EDF for the units to be built in France. Would have liked to see a discussion of the localization aspect

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“Maple flavored management” 😂

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